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released June 10, 2017



all rights reserved


the handshakes Greenville, South Carolina

solo project of matt webb //
making good girls go sad since '00

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Track Name: long way
it's a long way that you've come
you've come for me, you've come for me
it's a long way back home
without me, without me

and oh my god, it's a dream
don't take my hand, i'm obscene

im cold as ice
you'll only freeze, only freeze
im only a stone
you're trapped beneath, trapped beneath

and oh my god, it's a dream
don't take my hand, i'm obscene
Track Name: before i wake
if i should die before i wake
i pray dear lord my soul to take
but if you don't then that's okay

cos i will find another way
yeah i will try again someday
when i've got it figured out

i've let my heart grow full of hate
on such a bright and sunny day
i've let the street fill up with blood
without the word from up above
oh lord i hope it's not too late
will i not get a later date
oh no lord it's not too late
Track Name: distance
i know however long you wait my dear
you'll never lose sight of me
and even if we have to wait for years
girl you'll know right where I'll be

i know the distance seems far from me
but if you wait my love you'll see
it's never too far, so stay where you are
cos that where i need to be
Track Name: skelly siggs (informational interlude)
this is for my boy named skelly siggs (r. skelly)
who never learned a thing in lang or trig
he skipped class to sit alone and get high (real high)
dont get me wrong, he's a real cool guy

hey skelly, where you gone
you've been gone from class for way too long
and now the teacher's mad
he's on his last legs
Track Name: bad habits
i'm in my car, i'm driving down the interstate
i find it gets so hard, so hard to stay awake
it's these bad sleeping habits taking toll

take a bath and i'll lay there for an hour
don't have the energy to stand for a shower
yes my bad eating habits take their toll

my lungs can't breathe in deep like they used to do
and my brain won't recall the memories of you
it's my old bad smoking habits on a roll